Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure consists of the equipment, systems, software, and services used in common across an organization, regardless of mission/program/project.  IT Infrastructure also serves as the foundation upon which the city’s information systems and capabilities are built.


The network team designs, manages, and monitors the city’s LAN/WAN and wireless networks. This team is also responsible for unified communication, phones, and call center deployments.                                                                                                      


The datacenter team is responsible for server hardware/software, printing, physical datacenters and related services, backup and disaster recovery.

Technical Infrastructure

This team designs, implements and supports the city’s fiber optic and copper cabling plants, and is responsible for telecommunication/datacenter layout.


The communications team manages the city’s radio systems, public safety subscriber units, oversees vehicle technology installations, and performs a variety of additional electronics related support.

Information Security

This team helps protect the City of Boise from cybersecurity threats, and strives to ensure a secure environment for the city’s information assets.